Irish Whiskey – Then & Now

In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller with each year, you are hard-pressed to find yourself far away from an Irish Pub regardless of your location. Stuck in Manila? I can point you to a great Paddy bar. Ditto for Reykjavík, Rome, Bordeaux, Guadalajara, Munich, Brussels, Hong Kong, and just about anyplace that tolerates the fine art of drinking. The Irish Pub is... read more

Oktoberfest – No Airfare Required

Oktoberfest, one of the world’s greatest annual events, is underway (it started on September 18). Oktoberfest is an event worthy of your attendance and one that you would likely feel the urge to return (as opposed to Mardi Gras, Carnival in Brazil, and your last family reunion). The event takes place 15 days before the first Sunday in October and the festival lasts for... read more

Calvados – Normandy’s Gift to the World

Calvados is the world famous, and rightfully so, apple based Brandy from the Normandy region of France. Despite the station that Calvados enjoys among spirits aficionados it’s still sadly unknown among most American consumers. As a point of reference only about 200,000 bottles of Calvados are sold in the U.S. as compared to the 40 million bottles of Cognac consumed. That’s a staggering gap... read more

Our Q&A Session with Rutte Gin

We taste and review a lot of great beverages every year. On special occasion we encounter a wine, beer, or spirit that is truly exceptional, standing above the crowd. This describes our first encounter with the Rutte Gins. Rutte is a craft distillery in the historic port city of Dordrecht, The Netherlands (the birthplace of Genever & Gin). Fortunately there are so many good to... read more

The Wines of Spain – Why you should be drinking more

Learning the wines of Spain could take a lifetime and what a life it would be. Spain being a peninsula with the Pyrenees to the north along the French border, the Atlantic to the west, and the Mediterranean to the east and south with influential rivers and high, arid lands in the country’s center. Spanish wines have changed significantly in the past few decades.... read more

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