Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

Ordering wine in a restaurant is a task that strikes fear into the hearts of many diners. Many people are intimidated by the entire process afraid to look foolish. Relax. There is no need to approach what should be an enjoyable meal with dread or doubt. Here are a few rules to obey when ordering wine in restaurants. I offer 10 tips on how to... read more

Irish Whiskey – Then & Now

In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller with each year, you are hard-pressed to find yourself far away from an Irish Pub regardless of your location. Stuck in Manila? I can point you to a great Paddy bar. Ditto for Reykjavík, Rome, Bordeaux, Guadalajara, Munich, Brussels, Hong Kong, and just about anyplace that tolerates the fine art of drinking. The Irish Pub is... read more

Unsung Italian Wine Varietals

I suppose that we have made progress since we have to dig a bit deeper to uncover the unsung varietals of Italy. Not long ago many grapes that now enjoy minor-celebrity status like: Aglianico, Arneis, Cortese, Falanghina, or Verdicchio were virtually unknown. (If you want to learn about these and more grapes read – Speak Italian Grapes and don’t miss our Italian Wine Primer.) Lucky... read more

Visiting Rome

Rome truly is the eternal city. It is home to roughly three million and the host to nearly nine million tourists each year. Central Rome is one of the world’s greatest walking cities with unimaginable wonders lying around each corner. Ancient buildings and ruins stand next to masterpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods that are all enveloped in modern dwellings and businesses. The... read more

Sampling Wine Bars (Enoteca) in Rome

Enoteca is an Italian word derived from old Greek that literally means, wine repository. The old tradition of the enoteca was created to give visitors to Italy’s many regions a chance to taste the local wines at cheap prices before buying. Today, most enotecas are independently owned and operated just like any other bar or restaurant. However, the traveling wine lover will be pleasantly... read more

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